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SiteSupra - a high-class responsive website you can create yourself for free

SiteSupra ( is a website builder that allows regular computer users to create responsive websites free of charge. Designed for small business owners and managers who use their websites as their primary marketing tool and need them to look professional, SiteSupra offers website templates that look like they have been tailor-made by a top developer. 

“Our goal with SiteSupra is to allow small businesses to produce great websites that look and feel as though they have been created by a professional web agency, but at a fraction of the cost or completely free of charge. SiteSupra websites offer high-quality visual design and sophisticated functionality; everything you would expect from a serious website. The problem with the existing free website builders is that in most cases you will not be able to create a website that looks and feels professional. This is a major downside for any small business because it conveys a clear message about the company behind the website. This is precisely the problem we are trying to solve.” – Anton Sulsky, SiteSupra CEO

Site Supra has a long track record as one of the first AJAX CMS products – a successful downloadable CMS that has been used around the globe for website and web app development. SiteSupra has recently been reengineered by its development team into a hosted CMS version with the help of angel investor Alexey Obidin.

 “I believe that SiteSupra has the potential to make a difference on the market because of the team’s firm focus on achieving a high-quality website builder, untapped usability and great responsive functionality. Businesses are crying out for a product just like this.” – Alexey Obidin

 All SiteSupra website templates come with responsive layout support by default, which means users do not need to worry about creating dedicated mobile versions of their websites. Every piece of content placed into the main desktop version of the website transfers seamlessly onto mobile screens completely automatically.

 SiteSupra website templates can be customised to meet a variety of functional needs: from fully-featured corporate websites, simple web shops, and blogs to concise promo pages – all within a web browser and with zero knowledge of programming. Design-wise SiteSupra offers a constantly growing number of website templates for users to choose from. These templates range in tone from more formal to playful, complex to simple, but all offer the same set of functional features that can be switched on and off or reshuffled to meet the specific needs of the client. 

Сustomising the visual design of a website is performed entirely in the web browser without the user having to deal with CSS or HTML. A website’s colour scheme can be customised using a dedicated app within the SiteSupra system or individually at page-component level, allowing for greater flexibility and freedom of choice for the user. This is a quick and easy process, so users can save time and enjoy excellent results without having to become web designers themselves.

Using the convenient drag-and-drop interface, clients can enrich their web pages with numerous functional blocks, such as: image galleries, animated slideshows, sliders, forms, social share links and many other features. These blocks can be placed onto pages in various configurations using a “liquid grid” engine that allows users to manipulate the page layout using only their mouse.

SiteSupra offers a number of innovative and powerful features, such as its responsive animated slideshow that allows users to combine sophisticated layered slides to create an effective presentation – once again, using just a mouse. 

 Managing website content, design, and functionality can be an extremely demanding task for any unprepared user due to the overwhelming complexity and volume of information. SiteSupra resolves this problem with its elegant user interface laid-out as a set of internal applications and dedicated visual editors for primary system features. As a result, at any one time the user interacts with and focuses on one single, simple task that he or she can manage visually.  

 SiteSupra is incorporated in Riga, Latvia – a European Union country – with servers hosted in the US by one of the market’s leading providers, SoftLayer. For further information on SiteSupra, please visit the official website at or write to [email protected].

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